Whether you are seeking advice for your current home or a new home, we can offer our expert opinion on the perfect color to create a harmonious flow throughout your home.

Did you ever wonder why some rooms look so pulled together with even the simplest furnishings and accessories?

Color is the element that takes a room from “nice” to Fabulous” more effectively than any other decorative feature.

Did you know that color can affect your mood?

Whether it is in our home, office, or in the clothing we wear, we feel energized and uplifted by certain colors and calmed by others. The intensity of a color as well as its tint or shade can also affect its influence.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thousands of color choices and are you not quite sure of what color would work best with your belongings?

Our extensive selection of oversized color swatches can create a visual illusion and help make the decision process quick and simple.

Big or small, new or old our passion is to bring life to those spaces that were once forgotten. Rethink the old, embrace the new and honor those spaces that were once loved by those who lived in them.